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Virginia Alliance of YMCAs

YMCA Benefit Program for Virginia Foster Families

In appreciation of foster families and the important role they play in the lives of vulnerable children, the YMCAs in Virginia are excited to provide a benefit to support foster families and thank them for their tireless efforts on behalf of children in care. This benefit is being offered as part of  the “Foster-Friendly Business” Program of Virginia Fosters, a public-private partnership with Virginia’s Kids Belong that empowers leaders across the Commonwealth to be the solution for children, families and workers in Virginia’s child welfare system. The YMCA benefit program is outlined in the following document. 




A family who is currently fostering a child in the Commonwealth of Virginia will receive a 50% discount on a family membership at participating YMCAs. No joining fees will be required when registering to become a member. This benefit is open to foster families who are licensed through their local DSS or a private child-placing agency. A list of participating YMCAs can be found on the website. 
Financial Assistance: Financial Assistance for membership cannot be combined with this discount, but a participating YMCA can choose to use whichever method (Financial Assistance or 50% discount) provides a greater benefit to the foster family. Foster families will be eligible to receive financial assistance for day camp, after-school programs, child care and other programs if an existing financial assistance scale for these areas is used by participating YMCAs. 




Foster families who wish to become a YMCA member must register in-person at the YMCA of their choice. While registering the foster family must present a current Foster Care Agreement for the child or children being fostered. An example Foster Care Agreement can be found in Appendix A. If you do not have a copy of your Foster Care Agreement, please contact your caseworker to get one. 


Effective Date:  


This benefit is effective as of November 1st.

Eligibility Renewal:


Foster families will be required to present a current Foster Care Agreement annually on the anniversary of them becoming YMCA members to ensure on-going eligibility. If a foster family is not actively fostering at the time of their membership anniversary, they will remain eligible for the benefit program for six (6) months from the date on which their foster child placement ended. 

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