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about Virginia fosters 

Virginia Fosters is a statewide initiative aimed at creating solutions for children, families, and workers in the Commonwealth’s child welfare system.  Virginia Fosters collaborates with leaders from the government, business, faith, and non-profit sectors in order to increase the number of foster families and placement of children into good homes, enhance support services for kinship families, and better equip child welfare workers with needed resources and support.


VA Fosters is partly based on a model run in Virginia in 2013 and in Colorado starting in 2005, focused mostly on recruiting adoptive families. That work was enhanced and accelerated in Oklahoma and Tennessee in recent years, resulting in significant increases in the number of foster families recruited in those states.  Visit their websites for more information and outcomes.


about Virginia's Kids BELONG

Virginia’s Kids Belong is a 501(c)3 organization that empowers government, faith, business, and creative leaders to end the crisis for children, families, and workers in Virginia’s foster care system.


Like Oklahoma and Tennessee, Virginia’s Kids Belong is VA Fosters’ catalyst private partner.  VA Fosters also partners with many other non-profits who have been doing great work for years to make the system better for children, families and workers.


 Visit their website for more information.

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